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  • Same as hematotoxic and hemolytic.


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  • It has long fangs, a bad temper, serious hemotoxic venom, and a very fast strike.

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  • Over the years I have seen many rattlesnake bites in addition to a few other brands of hemotoxic vipers.

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  • It is simply impossible to take a cobra genotype, move its chromosomeal parts around, and get a gene that produces hemotoxic rattlesnake venom instead of neurotoxic cobra venom.

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  • It is used for snakes with hemotoxic venom which destroys blood cells and coagulation proteins, and does not have the same action on neurotoxic snakes (such as the cobra, mamba, and coral snakes).

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  • The older rattlers have a more hemotoxic aspect in their venom, meaning it affects the blood and organs, causing a breakdown and inflammation of the body - again, digesting the prey from the inside out.

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  • Researchers are investigating whether similar mechanisms protect the mongoose from hemotoxic snake venoms. "

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