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  • adj. Having a toxic effect on nerve tissue.

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  • Causing the destruction of nerve-cells by means of neurotoxins.

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  • adj. poisonous to nerves or nerve cells


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neuro- +‎ toxic


  • That is, unless you feel deficient in neurotoxic chemicals.

    Dr. Walter Crinnion: Could Organic Produce Be the New Ritalin?

  • Concern is thus not only for the 'neurotoxic' aspect of mercury in fillings, an increasingly understood hazard, but because fillings themselves act as antennas in the presence of electromagnetic fields from cell phones and cell towers, wi-fi networks, portable phones, and other sources of radiofrequency radiation.

    The Full Feed from

  • The report identifies two Gulf War "neurotoxic" exposures that "are causally associated with Gulf War illness."

  • "neurotoxic" to lice, is considered safe and effective for children. - News

  • Spider venom falls into two categories: neurotoxic and cytotoxic.

    Ze Widow, She Is Black

  • Regulators have found high levels of neurotoxic manganese in the air outside two schools in Ohio and West Virginia, the latest results of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's efforts to check for chemicals outside schools across the nation.

    EPA finds manganese threat at 2 schools

  • One 2006 study published in Toxicology Science concludes that the combination of several common additives appears to have a neurotoxic effect: "Although the use of single food additives at their regulated concentrations is believed to be relatively safe in terms of neuronal development, their combined effects remain unclear."

    Our Deadly, Daily Chemical Cocktail

  • Fracking uses carcinogenic and neurotoxic chemicals, active at parts per trillion, according Dr. Theo Colborn, and other health experts.

    Alison Rose Levy: Water or Gas? Karl Rove, Cheney, and Cohorts Weighing In On Key NY Race

  • Report: Deet, popular and potent insect repellent, is neurotoxic

    Boing Boing

  • Researchers say that more investigations are urgently needed to confirm or dismiss any potential neurotoxicity to humans, especially when deet-based repellents are used in combination with other neurotoxic insecticides.

    Boing Boing


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