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  • noun A group or series of seven.

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  • noun The sum of seven units; the number seven.
  • noun In chem., an atom whose equivalence is seven atoms of hydrogen, or which can be combined with, substituted for, or replaced by seven atoms of hydrogen.
  • noun In music, in the duodenal system of analysis, a scheme of seven tones, formed by uniting two duodenal cells of four tones.

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  • noun (Chem.) An atom which has a valence of seven, and which can be theoretically combined with, substituted for, or replaced by, seven monad atoms or radicals. Also used as an adjective.

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  • noun a group of seven things

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  • noun the cardinal number that is the sum of six and one


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[Greek heptas, heptad-, the number seven, from hepta, seven; see septm̥ in Indo-European roots.]

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hepta- + -ad


  • UPDATE: Added 7 to the heptad. posted by Brandon | 12:07 AM

    The Trinity and Consistency

  • In particular, the question is whether there is a consistent way of accepting the following heptad: 1. The Father is God.

    The Trinity and Consistency

  • I suppose, be admitted by many thoughtful students of God's Word, probably by most who have entered into the mystery of the heptad in

    Epistles to the Seven Churches in Asia.

  • Here there is a pause; and with this consummation reached, than which in type and prophecy there can be nothing higher, a new series begins; the heptad falling, as is so constantly the case, into two groups; either of three and four, as in the Lord's Prayer, or of four and three, as here.

    Epistles to the Seven Churches in Asia.

  • Indeed, the heptad of things finite is in all cases reducible to the pentad.

    Specimens of the Table Talk of Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  • Colours may best be expressed by a heptad, the largest possible formula for things finite, as the pentad is the smallest possible form.

    Specimens of the Table Talk of Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  • The F1 polypeptide of APMV-5 contains heptad repeats at aa positions 134-182 and 455-485, as predicted by the LearnCoil-VMF program, which correspond to the characteristic HRA and HRB heptad repeats that are found in paramyxovirus F proteins and are thought to be important for the conformational changes that lead to membrane fusion

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • It centers on heptad children in a diminutive Maine municipality who play the maker of a program of murders in 1958 and again in 1985, when the wheel begins again.

    Planet Malaysia

  • C-peptide T20 targets the gp41 N-terminal heptad repeat region

    Journal of Biological Chemistry current issue

  • Final Fantasy heptad haw be the prizewinning and memorable FF program in the heritage created by Square Enix to prompt SCE Nihon to become up with a FF heptad manifestation Children PS3 clump which includes a Blu-ray flick of the aforementioned title.


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  • if you visit this dictionary Persian: for word "eighty" ‎on its translation list , it says : persian (haštâd) , Scottish Gaelic: (new system) ochdad‎ , and for seventy it says on translation list Persian: هفتاد‎ (haftâd) , also on this link old persian (avestan) for seventy says : haptâitîm haptâiti seventy , so it seems the origin of that suffix of -ad for "heptad" , to be from old persian

    January 14, 2015