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  • n. The character or condition of being heterogeneous; heterogeneity.

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  • n. the quality of being diverse and not comparable in kind


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  • "Just like during the Greek debt crisis, investors again seem to focus at the [heterogeneousness] of euro-zone member states, not only in terms of growth differentials," said

    Greek, Irish Debt Worries Return

  • Matter of this nature cannot be homogeneous, and must necessarily contain all sorts of heterogeneousness.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • Indeed, by pointing to the immense heterogeneousness of India's cultural background and its richly diverse history, Tagore had argued that the "idea of India" itself militated against a culturally separatist view — "against the intense consciousness of the separateness of one's own people from others."

    Tagore and His India

  • Considering the heterogeneousness of their economic, political and social factors, this phenomenon can only be explained on the basis of a generalized contradiction between these countries and imperialism.


  • It is impossible to hope that in the heterogeneousness of this contemporary world, under such diverse circumstance -- a world constituted of countries in the most dissimilar situations and having the most unequal levels of material, technical, and cultural development -- that we conceive of Marxism a something like a church, a religious doctrine with its Rome, its pope, and its ecumenical council.


  • Different as the elements are from which the inhabitants of the United States are formed, and different as the circumstances may be under which they live, there still prevails among them a certain unity of character, an equanimity of feeling, which it would be difficult to parallel, resulting perhaps from the very heterogeneousness and mixture of elements itself, since no one element allows to another pre-eminence.

    The International Monthly Magazine - Volume V - No II

  • For many reasons Bismarck would have preferred the Russian alliance, among others the traditional dynastic friendship between the two countries and the fact that no natural political or religious causes of conflict existed between them; while a union with Austria was less reliable, owing to the changeable nature of her public opinion, the heterogeneousness of her Magyar, Slav, and Catholic populations, and the loss of influence by the German element with the governing body.

    William of Germany

  • The heterogeneousness of the pulp of the papers, and the kind of size with which they are impregnated, lead to differences in the results which are observed with the same chemical reagents.

    Forty Centuries of Ink

  • The demoralizing heterogeneousness which now prevails over the whole continent will give place to a pervading homogeneity in language, in religion, and in government.

    Africa and the American Negro...Addresses and Proceedings of the Congress on Africa Held Under the Auspices of the Stewart Missionary Foundation for Africa of Gammon Theological Seminary in Connection with the Cotton States and International Exposition December 13-15, 1895.

  • Hence the heterogeneousness of the letters and telegrams to you, dear madam, which I beg you kindly to excuse.



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