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  • Page 8. 10. de bonne heure, ‘early’; _à la bonne heure_, ‘all right,’

    Le Petit Chose (part 1) Histoire d'un Enfant

  • And presently, as he stood, a quiet spectator of the different types of persons who were mingling with each other in the casual conversation on current topics and events, which always occupies that interval of time known as the 'mauvais quart d'heure' before the announcement of dinner, he happened to look at Maryllia's own dress, and, noticing it more closely, smiled.

    God's Good Man

  • French "heure," and the "oeu" of the French "coeur," which is not found in the German language, also the primitive sounds _ä_ and _ö_

    The Mind of the Child, Part II The Development of the Intellect, International Education Series Edited By William T. Harris, Volume IX.

  • • Michael Seidel, Jesse and George Siegel Professor in Literature Humanities at Columbia University, selects: "Longtemps, je me suis couché de bonne heure" "For a long time i used to go to bed early"

    Bill Lucey: Remembering Our Mutual Friend, Charles Dickens, on his 200th Birthday

  • Ça fait une demi-heure depuis que j'ai commandé des frîtes!

    canard - French Word-A-Day

  • Example sentence: Le sarclage étant plus difficile lorsque la terre est sèche, il est judicieux d'arroser le terrain légèrement une heure avant de commencer.

    sarcler - French Word-A-Day

  •             A “hoky” is a lightweight wet-dry sweeper made by Oreck; a “hokie” is the mascot of Virginia Tech.   A photo caption in yesterday'sMal heure est-il? beneath a photograph of Nicholas Sarkozy doing the hokey-pokey improperly suggested that he was doing the Funky Penguin.

    The Surrealist Corrections Department

  • Armons-nous donc de courage pour faire face à nos devoirs, et comportons-nous de telle sorte que, si l'Empire britannique et le Commonwealth durent mille ans encore, les hommes puissent dire "C'était leur plus belle heure".

    70th Anniversary of Churchill’s Famous Speeches

  • I also made these sketches in 2007 ... wonder whether Forian and I were il y a 1 heure pinch me to see if you're dreaming


  • Expressions: vendanger une vigne = to harvest a vine pendant les vendanges = during the grape harvest faire les vendanges = to harvest or pick the grapes vendanger de bonne heure = to get an early start on the harvesting



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