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  • n. Informal A secluded or isolated place; a hideaway.

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  • n. An isolated or secluded place; a hideaway or hideout


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  • Because that's the flip side, Jack Christ, that's the hidey-hole where he keeps his secrets, and I have the key, because he gave me the key when he.

    The Hill of Crosses

  • The true troll has no such fantasy position, no high-rise hidey-hole of mock objectivity to snipe from; the troll is a grunt on the ground, running this way and that, chucking whatever wank grenade happens to be handy, through whatever doorway happens to be ajar.

    Critique From HereNow

  • So maybe Our Goals are languishing quietly in the same dank hidey-hole wherein we have abandoned our Conscience, our Faith in Humanity, and our Work Ethic, but we're sure they will all get along JUST FINE TOGETHER.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • Master Merlow visited the girl, ostensibly to inquire after her wellbeing, but she did not fail to notice the way his eyes darted around the drawing room as if he were trying to locate some secret sign of a hidey-hole.

    One Year’s Worth of Woe « A Fly in Amber

  • Fast forward to the mid-2000s, and apartments were going condo, booting out renters, bringing in the stainless, and turning otherwise hidey-hole rentals into shiny hidey-hole condos, many of which are now rentals again.

    Faulty Towers: Defective McGuire Apartments Evicts Renters « PubliCola

  • For well over a year, unknown to his family, he occupies that hidey-hole and wanders the suburban neighborhood foraging food.

    Strained Separations

  • But the problem for the fearful is that that much-vaunted investment hidey-hole, the so-called safe-haven asset, is getting harder and harder to find.

    As Correlations Rise, There's Nowhere to Hide

  • And the only thanks I get is when I kill Beardo-the-Weirdo while he's locked in his hidey-hole watching porn and not doing jack.

    In Vino Veritas

  • My owners, city dwellers with whom I had lived for only a year following my rescue from a shelter, decided that I would best serve the family by menacing the rodents in their apparent hidey-hole, the basement.


  • Criminals found themselves a convenient hidey-hole or two in which they stored stolen goods or sometimes hid themselves away when the upside grew too hot.

    30 Days Of Night


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