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  • adj. Alternative form of highfalutin.

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  • adj. affectedly genteel


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  • I like to think I'm engaged in a bit of civil disobedience, but that's an awfully highfaluting title for a simple act of citizen outrage.

    Why I Don't Pay Washington DC Parking Tickets

  • HAMMER: The producers of Pam ` s new show are saying it ` s going to be highfaluting.

    CNN Transcript Apr 8, 2008

  • One voice is a "we" located in the Orthodox community who begins each chapter with highfaluting rumination on some Jewish topic, and goes on to narrate events from the perspectives of Dovid, the cousin, who is afflicted with colorful (literally) migraines, and Esti, the former lover, who appears to be autistic but turns out to be (I think) enlightened.


  • I'm fairly confident that the vast majority of my fellow Americans know the word, if at all, only as a part of some weird British institutions; "privy to" is a highfaluting phrase over here and would be used only as a show of erudition, and even those who know the phrase would I suspect be unable to tell you what exactly "privy" means. TRANSLATION PROBLEMS.

  • We in the communities, in the labour movement, in the schools, are saying it is not enough to write highfaluting theories about us, get doctorates in the process, and become so-called experts on this or that organisation or field, to develop your scathing critiques from the safe walls and desks of your professions, and thereby hope to gain acceptance or recognition in our daily struggles.

    Children of Resistence

  • DURING THESE LAST TWO OR THREE YEARS, particularly since the advent of the present Government - I am not trying to compare evils, as the previous one was not basically better, but of course there can be bad and worse and so on - there has been more and more legislation of this character, sometimes having these rather highfaluting titles such as University Acts,


  • Introduction upon the _highfaluting_ style so common among us.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 04, No. 25, November, 1859

  • But, while men admire and reverence a sweet and simple feminine soul -- and love her in plays and between the covers of a book and when she is talking highfaluting abstractions of morality -- and wax wroth with any other man who ignores or neglects her -- they do not in their own persons become infatuated with her.

    Grain of Dust.

  • The bombastic spread-eagle orator, the grandiloquent gas bag, the highfaluting stump speaker gain few verdicts and win small applause except from their clients.

    By Advice of Counsel

  • He's got the highfaluting blood all right, but he is shy of the skads, so he protects his dignity and pride of race by bumming his way over the world, like an English milord with a ruined castle and an overdraft at the bank.

    Boy Scouts in the Canal Zone The Plot Against Uncle Sam


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  • Pompous; bombastic; haughty; pretentious.

    May 15, 2008