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  • n. A region of hills: often specifically applied to the hilly regions in the interior of India.


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  • In 1971 Chavez moved headquarters from Delano to a remote hill-country compound-an indication, some thought, of his own increasing remoteness.

    A Secular Saint Of The '60S

  • Tough hill-country men voted for her, men so backward they'd give the lady a chair in the union hall.

    Sex and the Sissy

  • The country in the ranges is as fine a pastoral hill-country as a man would wish to possess; grass to the top of the hills, and abundance of water through the whole of the ranges.

    The Journals of John McDouall Stuart

  • Kronos, established a garrison, and held control over the Olympian hill-country.


  • New Orleans should be rebuilt by employing the Mississippi to haul rock and fill from hill-country upriver so that it becomes, like the original French Quarter, all above water-level.

    Should New Orleans be rebuilt? « BuzzMachine

  • "I was born in Elizabeth," Gran answered, and the hill-country twang in her voice showed she was telling the truth.

    The Disunited States of America

  • See, these five counties around here were hill-country counties, so there was no cotton culture!

    Post-President For Life

  • I met Jeb during training in England-a long skinny drink of water with a hill-country accent you could cut with a knife.

    Music To My Sorrow

  • It reminds me of a line in Ashley Judd's excellent first movie, Ruby in Paradise, where Ruby, having escaped her own hill-country upbringing to a new life in Panama City, remarks that she was lucky to get out before she was either beat up or knocked up.

    Working for Wal-Mart: An Exchange

  • Wal-Mart's culture is a "macrocosm" of the brutal hill-country society now exported to the world.

    Working for Wal-Mart: An Exchange


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