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  • Full of hillocks.


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  • After the barbed wire and vast flat landscapes of Californian agribusiness, she reveled in the small, irregular, hillocky Irish fields, their rainwashed drystone walls and ancient hedges.

    American Pastoral

  • Headless, the body was that of a stranger, grotesque in the bumps that it was made up of: a large – no, hillocky – bump of a chest, an almost equally bulbous curve at the stomach, and then the falling away of thin legs beneath a cotton sari.

    An Atlas of Impossible Longing

  • I clutched the handle as the rickshaw crested a hillocky part of the dirt road.

    An Atlas of Impossible Longing

  • A long and hard tussle it was, I assure you, to fight against the indraught, and to drag my frame through the long hillocky gorge.

    Mary Anerley

  • Up this lane I went to the very top of the mountain wall, and then, to my surprise, found myself facing a great, hillocky, rock-encumbered plain, across the other side of which rose the mass of the peak itself, not as a single cone, but as a wall surmounted by several, three being evidently the highest among them.

    Travels in West Africa

  • No violence accompanied this change; the matter thrown out was in vast quantities, and the liquid material oozing out from the abysses of the earth slowly spread in extensive plains or in hillocky masses.

    Journey to the Interior of the Earth

  • Its body — dusky, enormous, hillocky — lies spread upon the sea like an islet.

    Journey to the Interior of the Earth

  • The constable, without waiting for an answer, precipitated himself in a gallop along the hillocky ground, waving his hands in the direction of the garden.


  • Two days without water in the hillocky, sand-covered, August furnace of the Gobi and I felt the first flutterings of fear.

    The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told

  • Head down, once again avoiding his eyes, she stepped clumsily through the soft hillocky dirt in Burton's grandmother's big rubber boots.

    Temporary Wife


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