from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. Mythology A monster having the wings, claws, and head of a griffin and the body and hindquarters of a horse.

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  • n. a mythical beast, half griffin and half horse, supposedly the offspring of a griffin and a filly.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A fabulous winged animal, half horse and half griffin.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A fabulous creature, like a griffin, but with hoofs and other parts resembling a horse, apparently invented, in imitation of Pegasus, by the romancers of the middle ages, and furnished to their heroes as a means of transportation through the air.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

French hippogriffe, from Italian ippogrifo : Greek hippos, horse; see ekwo- in Indo-European roots + Italian grifo, griffin (from Latin grȳphus; see griffin).



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  • "Astolpho, when he had dismissed his troops, mounted the Hippogriff, and at one flight shot over to Sardinia, thence to Corsica, thence, turning slightly to the left, hovered over Provence, and alighted in the neighborhood of Marseilles. There he did what he had been commanded to do by the holy saint; he unbridled the Hippogriff, and turned him loose to seek his own retreats, never more to be galled with saddle or bit. The horn had lost its marvellous power ever since the visit to the moon."

    - Thomas Bulfinch, 'Age of Fable'.

    September 19, 2009

  • ~fabulous winged animal, half horse and half griffin.

    January 18, 2009

  • In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, a hippogriff is a magical beast based upon the hippogriff of various mythologies. It is part eagle and part horse, and sometimes regarded as part griffon and part horse (indeed, in mythology a hippogriff is the offspring of a griffon and a mare). Depictions of the hippogriff vary; sometimes they are shown as a horse with the forequarters of a giant eagle, and sometimes as a horse with wings, an eagle's head, a mane and tail of feathers, and feathered lower legs.

    January 18, 2009