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  • v. Present participle of hitch.


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  • At the outset of his opinion, he quarreled with the court majority's use of the term "hitching post."

    Clarence Thomas takes hard line on defendants

  • She remained very still, the only sound her own breaths coming in short, hitching gasps.

    Deal Breaker

  • They were much pleased and delighted, but they had the idea of hitching Snap to the express wagon, and they could not get that out of their minds.

    The Bobbsey Twins on a Houseboat

  • He must have recalled the hitching-rail, the sun, and the flies, and preferred to risk even a road that he did not know, for on he went -- quietly.

    David Malcolm

  • But unfortunately, as Muir predicted, even his beloved Sierra Club wasn't immune to "hitching" itself to one thing forgetting how that thing was "hitched" to everything else in the Universe.

    Michael DeJong: Eco-Hitched

  • She didn't have a horse collar, and the cart didn't have any kind of hitching tree, but if she could get one of the ponies strapped into this, she bet she could use pony-power to pull the cart back here.

    The Warslayer

  • It's going to take some creative "hitching" to find the ride home that I need.

    Familiar Lullaby

  • They always sat on the same perch, and on cool days as near each other as possible, first one and then the other "hitching" a little nearer.

    In Nesting Time

  • A sleigh came slowly grating along the half-bare street, and its occupant, Mr Silas Spears, not one of her favourites, stopped before the door, and lost no time in "hitching" his horse to the post.

    Janet's Love and Service

  • Breckenridge: Man falls off van while 'hitching' taxi ride

    Summit Daily News - Top Stories


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