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  • Watanuki wonders if she foresaw his need for new glasses and placed these here since there are no coincidences, only hitsuzen.

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  • Wow ... theres no such thing as coincidence in this world. the only thing is hitsuzen.

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  • Hey it took me longer than 5 mins ok. double: hitsuzen > There's both Japanese and English. nana > My set was unlocked when I bought it in Chinatown ....

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  • There is a lot of wonderful esoteric talk about hitsuzen and human psychology here.


  • Maybe it's Nasu's frustration at Japanese having a ridiculous number of alternatives for the word itself, each of them subtly differentiated by means of context-there's the ubiquitous unmei), the more formal 定め (sadame), the Known To Be Translated Erroneously As 'Fate' Due To The Limitations Of English 必然 (hitsuzen) - and that's just the more common terms that I'm listing down here.

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