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  • To scramble awkwardly; do anything clumsily; loiter.
  • To stammer or hesitate.
  • n. One who hocks or hamstrings.


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  • Martin spoken of as a "shay-hocker" by Jew Dutchman.

    Diary of Jason Niles (1814-1894) : June 22, 1861-December 31, 1864,

  • I suspect She was ignored because She is a splayed hocker sheela female.

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  • No mention was made of what I consider the most important human image found at Göbekli Tepe on the floor of the Löwenpfeilergebäude (lion pillar building) of a birthing, hocker, sheela-na-gig female!

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  • And contract there's curt hocker, who on every side made hither the subsidy a daily occurrence escort week, submit five aptitude during obsession week, furthermore two saturday. "i pick up'standard observation what around think," delete 22-year-old


  • The hocker mom spit out a nearly flawless performance!


  • “Hawking” I can see in the sense of taking flight, but I’ve always heard and understood it as “hocking,” and a “hocker” as that which is “hocked.”

    The Volokh Conspiracy » The Clinton Terror Bill

  • The photo-spread released by TMZ spit the hocker of truth into my virginal eyes, and if you didn’t know, ya know now.

    Jesse James Nazi Photo | Manolith


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  • A person who harangues, beseeches, or talks persuasively; a person who trades in information, gossip, or personal connections; someone who is (obnoxiously) ambitious. (Double-Tongued Dictionary)

    May 18, 2008