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  • v. To delay someone or something temporarily; to keep at bay.
  • v. To delay commencing (an action until some specified time or event has passed).
  • v. To delay commencing an action (until some specified time or event has passed).

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  • v. resist and fight to a standoff
  • v. wait before acting


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  • For example, if the Tokyo Film Festival requests an Asian premiere or Cannes requests a European premiere as a condition of submission, you would hold off on entries to other festivals in the region until you know if you are accepted.

    The Movie Business Book, Third Edition

  • The lude I'd just taken would hold off any flash long enough for me to talk one of the Marilyns into coming on cue.

    Futures Imperfect

  • Intact on the left flank at about 85 per cent strength; managing to hold off such pressure as several enemy tanks were exerting, without feeling over-extended; sufficiently supplied with all natures of ammunition.

    First Clash

  • No wild outcry this time, but twice or thrice, at intervals, there were words spoken loudly and in agitation, and such as were distinguishable were deeply disquieting, and caused his fellow-novices to hold off from him with even deeper suspicion.

    The Devil's Novice

  • A few hours later, the Brits called Jim Timbie on my staff to say that, having now read the Iranian “side letter,” they were asking Iran not to announce the “deal,” but to hold off until at least the next day.

    Surrender is not an Option

  • Churkin asked that we hold off action until after the Arab League meeting on Monday, and, to my amazement, de La Sablière immediately agreed.

    Surrender is not an Option

  • The ministers did say they would welcome what they call "informal voluntary" roll-overs by Greek bond holders, meaning that those who hold Greek debt would hold off demanding payment.

    No Agreement on Greece by Eurozone Ministers

  • Not a single venerable bishop with his channels to the divine, nor any tiktok mechanism of subtle apprehension, nor even the best-taught sorcerer with the keenest of inner eyes, had ever accurately foretold so much as whether the rain would hold off for the picnic.

    Son of a Witch

  • Friessner's forces in the Carpathians had managed to hold off Petrov, and although his right "flank" had been bent back in disorder it became increasingly feasible for light scratch forces to hold up the Russian advance, for by the end of September the spearheads of both Malinovsky and Tolbukhin had travelled over two hundred miles from their starting lines.


  • D. Lelyushenko, was falling back from Gzhatsk, straining every muscle to hold off the weight of Hoth's armour.



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