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  • It was here Daddy had been born and raised, within hollerin 'distance of the Red River, on an 80-acre cotton farm given to Villa and her young husband Renza by Tom Basinger.

    Accountability Versus Blame

  • I don't say as she ain't the lastin'est kind er fool, ner I don't say a child ain't worse -- spattin 'the lines an' standin 'up an' hollerin '-- but I do say,

    The Day's Work - Volume 1

  • Just because we don't travel the Country, screaming and "hollerin" terrible names, does not mean we are not tired of this c – p. SO, before the Republicans get too wrapped up in the "love fest", they need to notice that "NO" can also mean a "NO VOTE" for them, and

    Palin weighs in on Pennsylvania special election

  • When he'd get to whoopin' and a'hollerin' in a song, he'd pluck that string.

    Jonah Hex Ultimate Spaghetti Makeover!

  • "I wake up every night 'round midnight, Lord I just can't sleep no more...all the crickets and the frogs a'hollerin' while the wind is whirrin' 'round my door."

    From The Daily Growler Wastebasket

  • Now, you been doin 'a lot o' hollerin 'about me an' Bart bein 'pirates under the law an' liable to hangin 'an' imprisonment, an 'that kind o' guff don't go nohow.

    Captain Scraggs or, The Green-Pea Pirates

  • It was Ranch skeered stiff an 'hollerin' fer dear life at bein 'jumped on an' waked up in the middle of a graveyard that-a-way.

    Humorous Ghost Stories

  • Then all of a suddent somepin 'popped up on the graveyard wall about a hundred yards away -- somepin' all blue-gray against the hook o 'the moon -- an' began walkin 'up an' down an 'hollerin'.

    Humorous Ghost Stories

  • I did a big piece o 'hollerin', an 'they worked on her and fotched her back; I' ain't been no 'count since.

    Shapes that Haunt the Dusk

  • When you light a candle with a bit o 'paper, ma'am, don't throw it on the floor an' tramp on it an 'think it's out, for many a time there's a small spark left, an' the wind as always blows along the floor sets it up an 'it kitches somethin', and there you are -- blazes an 'hollerin' an 'ingins goin' full swing in no time.

    Fighting the Flames


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