from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Staying at home; not gadding.
  • n. A staying at home.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Staying at home.


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  • The work at home can sometimes increase on weekends, as families, in a rush to mow their grass and do necessary home-keeping, rush about to get it all finished before they have to leave again on Monday.

    Enjoying Monday through Friday

  • I'm not suggesting that you waste a lot of valuable home-keeping time trying to make something like your own leather for shoes, but there are some things you really do not need to buy that can be substituted quite easily.

    Living Beautifully With the New Frugality

  • You are to blogging what Martha is to home-keeping.

    Technical Difficulties

  • They were told that they shouldn't "have" to stay home and should be given a "choice," but that choice was usually a choice between different colleges and careers, not a choice between providing and home-keeping.

    Archive 2006-10-01

  • What do elderly home-keeping people do of a night after dinner?

    Roundabout Papers

  • Luke demurred, for he was a home-keeping, peace-loving youth.

    A Changed Man

  • This was further afield than my home-keeping fancy loved to travel, and designed altogether for a larger canvas than the tales that I affected.

    Memories and Portraits

  • He was one of those drivers who know everybody; he passed the time of day with all the men we met, and he had a joking compliment for all the women, who gladdened at sight of him from the thresholds where they sat sewing or knitting: such a driver as brings a gay world to home-keeping souls and leaves them with the feeling of having been in it.

    Familiar Spanish Travels

  • In his distress he sets up a loud and appealing “jangle;” this plaint is immediately answered by his home-keeping consort; off he flutters, guided by her continuous calls, and the upbraidings and the explanations and consolations continue for fully five minutes.

    Last Leaves from Dunk Island

  • These women he saw about him, rich, giddy, love-seeking, belonged on the whole to the class of fashionable and showy women of the world, some indeed to the less respectable sisterhood, for on these sands, trampled by the legion of idlers, the tribe of virtuous, home-keeping women were not to be seen.

    Pierre And Jean


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