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  • adj. Not yet blooded; still to take part in combat.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not marked or distinguished by improved blood; not thoroughbred: as, an unblooded horse.


un- +‎ blooded (Wiktionary)


  • Sharpe shouted again, his sword unblooded, and the two ranks stepped and stumbled over the dead bodies of the French, past the wounded who cried for help, and the joy was on Sharpe for now he was within a few seconds of this first success.

    Sharpe's Enemy

  • Unmarked, unblooded, extracted from among his followers without trampling his formidable brother's toes, or harming any other soul.

    His Disposition

  • Or he had been, but no longer, now that he was an unblooded vampire.

    Deep Kiss Of Winter

  • “Reverend Patriarch,” said the Emperor, “we would not willingly hold with the wild infidels, that Paradise is to be gained by the sabre; nevertheless, we would hope that a Roman dying in battle for his religion and his Emperor, may find as good hope of acceptation, after the mortal pang is over, as a man who dies in peace, and with unblooded hand.”

    Count Robert of Paris

  • Joan's strength was not her military might -- her sword remained unblooded -- but her piousness, which heartened the French soldiers.

    Archive 2007-03-01

  •   The Arab to be executed was given his choice of weapons and put in a large room with a young and unblooded tribesman, who invariably chose the shield and two spears used by the tribe.

    Lord Conrads Crusade

  •   Except for the leaders, all of the Blacks sent were unblooded.

    Lord Conrads Crusade

  • Longswords lay unblooded in lifeless hands when warriors went the way of Gaynor, call'd me Damn a. LONGFELLOW,

    The Skrayling Tree

  • The only seemingly impossible thing in all this chaotic and unpredictable situation was that these would be returned to armory, sheath, and quiver unblooded and unstained.

    Through Wolfs Eyes

  • The horsemen would watch them go until another flurry of trumpets summoned the whole flux of mounted men to chase yet another opportunity far across the field and once again a battalion would contract into square and once again the horsemen would wheel away with unblooded blades.

    Sharpe's Battle


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