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  • adj. Not having been pruned.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not pruned; not lopped or trimmed.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ pruned


  • So the trees grew unpruned, the weeds rose higher and the fruit fell like rain.

    Gardens: Apple glut

  • The physical perfection of the apple has no impact on the taste, and while supermarkets have trained us to expect homogeneous and unblemished fruit, this is not how they grow, especially if unpruned, unthinned and unsprayed, as many family apple trees will be.

    Gardens: Apple glut

  • Apples fell to the ground from unpruned trees in old orchards, and asparagus tips reared up like bracken in the undergrowth of dilapidated walled kitchen gardens.

    Margaret Drabble | Trespassing

  • Ps ... never mind grammar ..... unpruned thoughts are better said without the constraints of formality!

    rencontre - French Word-A-Day

  • Daylight could see that it had been a stiff struggle, and that wild nature showed fresh signs of winning -- chaparral that had invaded the clearings; patches and parts of patches of vineyard, unpruned, grassgrown, and abandoned; and everywhere old stake-and-rider fences vainly striving to remain intact.

    Chapter IX

  • If unpruned, the Knock Out can easily grow to more than three or four feet tall and wide.

    New crop of hybrid plants demonstrate beauty of ingenuity

  • The practice of insurance companies attempting to recoup damages is commonplace -- whether from the person who rear-ended their customer's car or from the neighbor whose unpruned, dead tree branches crashed through a roof.

    Students may have to pay for sprinkler damage at Va. school

  • We can only sensibly explore etymology once we've done this first step otherwise we'll lose ourselves in a duststorm of unpruned possibilities.

    Fat porkers get sacrificed

  • Beyond the unruly and unpruned cherry tree at the bottom of the garden, its fruit rotting amid its roots, there would be the neatly trimmed and weeded borders of the garden that backed onto hers, and the garden that backed onto that one, going on and on forever in a suburban patchwork of love and attention, leading Ellen to imagine her own garden standing out, a single frayed, unruly square besmirching the whole design.

    The Home for Broken Hearts

  • One fruit from that unpruned tree: do we have a word in English that means "the anniversary of a tragic or negative event"?

    for me, sleep is inversely proportional to random thoughts.


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