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  • Ian Buruma has a lot of problems but his book "Behind the Mask" describes the difference in Japanese society behind one's private feelings and opinions "honne" and one's public persona "tatemae".

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  • This allows, in his opinion, Japan to have a pop culture where the extremes are much more extreme and anarchic than anything we have in the West, but at the same time there is an implied understanding that these entertainments are aimed at the "honne" and should not become "tatemae".

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  • Maybe after a few cold Kirin beers, most J. politicians will give you their "honne" about the Messiah and his foreign policy staff in the aftermath of this fiasco and failed test.

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  • I suspect this is less about tatemae/honne than a digital attempt to salvage the uchi/soto relationship: all of her friends know what her nickname is, and she theirs, but all have the option of not letting outsiders know specifically who they are.

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  • Since this post and this comment in particular has been linked to by a major tech blog, I feel I should mention this: I think the phrase you are looking for is tatemae vs. honne.

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  • In Japan, there is an important distinction between what one says (tatemae,public talk) and what is left unsaid—usually, what one really means (honne,private thoughts).

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  • In Japan, there is reality (honne) and appearance (tatemae).

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  • It also leads me to think that public apologies from Japanese leaders over Nanjing, comfort women, etc. reflect only “tatemae” and not “honne” and from an American perspective that makes the apologies rather hollow.

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  • The traditional dichotomy is between honne and tatemae - setting aside your true feelings in order to keep up appearances and not lose face, or making anyone else lose face. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • Acting polite, whether they truly feel that way or not (honne and tatemae), keeps the communality from being disturbed.

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  • Honne (本音, Honne?) refers to a person's true feelings and desires. These may be contrary to what is expected by society or what is required according to one's position and circumstances, and they are often kept hidden, except with one's closest friends.

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    Opposite is tatemae

    December 11, 2008

  • Japanese. When one inwardly holds a belief they consider true but outwardly projects another belief because of the social disfavor for the former. Similar to a toned down version of heretic when crossed with liar. Additionally, it has the connotation of proper behavior.

    December 7, 2008