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  • n. Variant of hooch1.
  • n. Variant of hooch2.

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  • n. Alternative form of hooch.

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  • n. an illicitly distilled (and usually inferior) alcoholic liquor


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  • Rarely was the choice of potations criticised, though occasionally some ruddy eschewer of sobriety insisted that his lady "take the same," avowing that "hootch," having been demonstrated beneficial in his case, was good for her also.

    The Spoilers

  • After numerous half-hearted attempts, he arose one day about noon; then, having eaten a tasteless breakfast and strengthened his languid determination by a stiff glass of "hootch," he strolled out of town, taking he first random trail that offered itself.

    The Winds of Chance

  • People who were willing to sacrifice their lives, living in low-income housing or just sitting in their "hootch" under their ponchos, maybe in a crappy foxhole, whatever.

  • (A hootch is a long, single-story, stilted wooden building of typical Thai rural design.

    Thud Ridge

  • Inside the hootch, Indian sitar music is mewing from an unknown source.

    The Last Vietnam War Movie

  • He proceeds through the mud surrounding the perimeter, tumbles down a makeshift stairway of mud and logs into the half-buried hootch, a clubhouse of sorts for his platoon.

    The Last Vietnam War Movie

  • Cheap hootch by the drink and slot machines -- now, there's a different kind of hazard.

    From bad to worse (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • So is the use of bath salt hootch for that matter.

    How can the state of the union be sound if our minds are not?

  • I'm a mother of two small kids and it's really a hassle for me to cart them to some far-flung WA Liquor Store to buy hootch (as rare as that is) after I've already gone grocery shopping.

    Booze News « PubliCola

  •  The colonel kept yelling orders, thendifferent orders; totally confusing him:  Montgomerytorch that hootch!



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  • Also see hooch.

    November 25, 2008

  • "On this occasion, the battalion commander ordered Wilkerson and his unit to engage in 'recon by fire' -- basically firing from their helicopters into brushy areas, tree lines, hootches (as Vietnamese peasant homes were known) or other structures, in an attempt to draw enemy fire and initiate contact. Knowing that, too many times, this led to innocent civilians being wounded or killed, Wilkerson told the ground commander that his troops would only fire on armed combatants. 'To hell with your free fire zone,' he said."

    - Nick Turse, '"We killed her… that will be with me the rest of my life": Lawrence Wilkerson's Lessons of War and Truth',, 23 Nov 2008.

    November 24, 2008