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  • n. The fear of guns.


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Firearms authority and writer Colonel Jeff Cooper coined the word. First attested in 1976: hopl- (“weapon”, “arms”) + -o- + -phobia (“fear”).


  • According to leading experts, many of the people who discriminate against this portion of the Bill of Rights suffer from a medical condition called hoplophobia, a debilitating morbid fear of weapons.


  • It's called hoplophobia, and people who have it suck - often worse than retards with guns.

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  • And on the subject of hoplophobia, I fully intend to get a bunch of us bitter clinging gun nuts some of whom read your blog, BTW to take you shooting next time I'm in Yankee country.

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  • Freudian hoplophobia on display. by Dave Stevens on Wednesday, Oct 10, 2007 at 5: 34: 06 AM

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  • The main treatment for hoplophobia is the psychological process known as "desensitization," the same methodology used for people with fear of spiders, open spaces or heights.


  • I am going to formulate arguments that will breach her hoplophobia and help her understand my position - and her own.

    Buckeye Firearms Association - Defending Your Firearm Rights

  • It is a product of abject gun fear -- hoplophobia -- that afflicts the people behind the plan.

    Buckeye Firearms Association - Defending Your Firearm Rights

  • It's not an arsenal, but the reporter is from a state where hoplophobia and ignorance are required if you are to be a journalist.

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  • This writer has no facts, just pure emotion and silly imagined scenarios to back up his hoplophobia.

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  • At any rate, the rampant hoplophobia and anti-right stance of the staff of the Commercial Appeal is a given quantity, and there is no need for turning that dead horse into jello.

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  • JM wonders what would have happened if Hopalong Cassidy had hoplophobia.

    August 8, 2010