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  • n. An traditional annual fair, usually at Whitsuntide, formerly associated with livestock markets.
  • n. Plural form of hopping.


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From hop (verb)


  • No man knows the black thoughts that lie beneath the jaunty hoppings of its cloven feet.

    This dogoid army bot still haunts my dreams

  • This one is destined to be quite dank with a starting gravity of 19.2 and colossal quadruple-hoppings.

    Press Release Thursday - Pearl Street Special Taps At The Great Taste of the Midwest

  • He took care not to say no, but behold! he again recurred to his usual evasions, circumlocutions, and hoppings from bush to bush.

    Chapter XXXVIII

  • An N'goma is a native dance, consisting of drum poundings, chantings, and hoppings around.

    The Land of Footprints

  • D'Artagnan of the group, full of queer gestures and hoppings about.

    The Art of the Moving Picture

  • The Babe's weight, slight as it was, on the outer end, together with his occasional ecstatic, though silent, hoppings up and down, had little by little sufficed to slip the haphazard mooring.

    Children of the Wild

  • And wherein differ thy leapings from the hoppings of a frog, or the bouncings of a goat, or friskings of a dog, or gesticulations of a monkey?

    Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft

  • I heard him mutter between his hoppings and dancings, with one foot in the stirrup and a toe to earth, the enemy at his heel, and his inclination half bent upon swinging to the saddle again.

    The Adventures of Harry Richmond — Volume 6

  • Are rook-politics, or rook-faith, or rook domestic hopes and fears, the subjects of that everlasting cawing, those restless movements, those hoppings and peckings, and changes of position?

    Parables From Nature

  • The Isabel Toledo (can I just say I was so proud of Michelle for going for someone as cool as Isabel, who's always been my "top ten fantasy lives i'd like to live" favorite.) green swearing in number: and Jason Wu's white confection for the party hopping to end all party hoppings.



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