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  • n. Agent noun of hornswoggle: one who hornswoggles.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

to hornswoggle + -er


  • Only the ball which confused Ian Bell, leading to his stumping by Adnan Akmal for a duck, was a real hornswoggler.

    Evening Standard - Home

  • When Mark McGuire admitted that he was using steroids while chasing the home-run record, well, for me he went from home-run hero to hornswoggler, from the penthouse to the outhouse, from big cheese to nothing burger.

    North Lake Tahoe Bonanza - Top Stories

  • If you go to war because you say that a country has weapons of mass destruction, and then you kick the shit out of them, and it turns out they didn't even have a program devoted to WMD, it either means you have presided over a colossal failure of intelligence, or you're a hornswoggler.

    7/11/03 Columbia County, NY (29

  • Click on the links in the listing just to make sure they don’t lead to a rant page with blistering comments calling Flimflam a hornswoggler.

    Which SEO Brain Do You Use?


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