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  • n. A cumulative package of one or more files used to address a problem in a software product.


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hot +‎ fix


  • In response, Skype says it released a "hotfix"--a quick fix to hold users over until a full update is ready--for the issue in a minor update released in mid-April, but did not prompt users to update their software because there were no reports that the hole was being exploited in the wild and it was planning on issuing another update early next week.

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  • If you are not sure whether the hotfix is the correct one for your system, do not install it.

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  • ALWAYS make sure you read the instructions to understand if the hotfix is a SQL update, installed to the RMS, MS, and / or Gateway, AND / OR applies to agents as well.

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  • Note A hotfix is a modification to the commercially available Microsoft product software code to address specific critical problems ..

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  • Just ask Microsoft, which has spent many thousands of man-hours trying to integrate its often contradictory "hotfix" releases into cohesive service packs that can be widely disseminated without breaking Windows.

    PC World

  • They offer users so called "hotfix" updates that don't have the base driver version number assigned to them.

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  • It may be very confusing to those users who do not see the need in installing an ATI Catalyst "hotfix", which, however, may have a serious effect on gaming performance and fix certain image quality or CrossFireX technology issues.

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  • Our today's tests should help us determine which of the three versions provides the best performance and if those of you who have already installed the latest "hotfix" still need to update the driver with the latest version.

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  • Microsoft on Thursday in the United States issued a "hotfix" for a fault in a security patch designed to correct a flaw already being targeted by worms.

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  • AMD assures us that these products will still receive critical "hotfix" drivers if high-priority fixes are needed.



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    A hotfix is an update to a piece of software that is released in between numbered version releases, and addresses a particular bug or issue. It consists of one or a few files, rather than a complete installation of the software package. It is useless without the original software installation.

    To me "hotfix" definitely implies a fix that can be applied to a running system without stopping it, such as a database server -- that's the "hot" part.

    September 9, 2009