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  • adj. Of, or relating to hubris; overly arrogant
  • adj. Displaying hubris (as a personality characteristic)


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  • I know it's a bit late for a first swing at such an exercise, but I know I can knock this one out of the park; and also for the first time I am doing real, thorough research (ie, I'm actually reading it) and I do still have long-term hubristic goals I'm keeping close to my vest, and all in all I'm just very excited about this paper.

    evolver Diary Entry

  • Is there a judge anywhere who could resist granting a prize to a writer who uses the word hubristic?

    Lust Bites

  • Perhaps "hubristic" is a better word, as to the long-term consequences of some of their activities.

    Posthuman Blues

  • A believer might counter that to attempt to create God would be the worst kind of hubristic folly, and blasphemy to boot.

    The Speculist: December 2005 Archives

  • They displayed the "arrogance of power," they were "hubristic," and so on.


  • However, my fundamental argument against invasion and overthrow has always been that without a clear and convincing act of aggression by Iraq, it is the worst kind of hubristic folly to put a US army on the ground in the middle east so soon after 9/11 under circumstances that appear to make Osama bin Laden’s worst accusations appear to be true.


  • If the latter endeavor has, since postmodernism, seemed a kind of hubristic folly, "The

  • The Deaf Pontificator, like the blind art collector who paid 65 million dollars for a Picasso that he'll never see, might qualify as apt symbols for this age of hubristic excess.

    Roderick Spencer: A Rushed Response

  • While the Guardian would not seek to endorse all that was said and done by a monarch who in 1015-16 so brutally ravaged and savaged his way to the kingship of England, that does not make him guilty of the hubristic act so often imputed to him – his alleged command to the waves to recede at his royal whim.

    In praise of … King Canute | Editorial

  • Is the base this hubristic because they feel the world owes them a living, or is it that the party leaders pandered to them back even before Reagan and made them feel "special" (in a short bus, helmeted kind of way), rather than state an intelligent and intellectual case for voting Republican?

    A party held together with spit, chewing gum, baling wire, and duct tape


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