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  • adj. Like a human or that of a human in form, seeming, or appearance.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having the form or characteristics of man; human.


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  • The Evas, from the series Neon Genesis: Evangelion, are skyscraper-sized humaniform robots built to defeat the "Angels" -- monstrous beings with no consistent morphology or predictable method of attack.

    MIND MELD: What Are The Coolest Robots in Science Fiction?

  • Only this time it's the murder of one of her robots, Jander - a humaniform robot similar to Daneel.

    Revisiting The Robot Novels

  • Daneel Olivaw, a humaniform positronic robot beholden by the all-important Three Laws of Robotics.

    Revisiting The Robot Novels

  • The Sci-Fi murder mysteries starting terran Elijah Baley and his humaniform robot partner R. Daneel Olivaw would also be a nice vehicle for a new franchise.

    Ten Science Fiction Books That Should Be Movies | Solar Flare: Science Fiction News

  • Backward like the fat, plastic robot who came out first and told us take-my-wife jokes, or the one that followed, a beefy-looking humaniform who sang to us in a fine contralto blur.

    New Race

  • How the hell could he fight in the first Cylon War -- and be good friends with Adama, so there's someone who's actually known him all this time -- and yet be a humaniform cylon ... before such things existed.

    What Do You Want To See From: Galactica's Final Season

  • In this “Stepford Wives” meets “The Matrix” world, most people carry out their daily actions through the use of humaniform robots.

    Trailer for Bruce Willis’ new “Surrogates” sci-fi action film

  • But just to make the distinction I see clear, I think it's not necessarily the case that tormenting humaniform simulacra, whatever the medium, is bad for your soul (or rather, morally wrong) -- I think it's only if, in so tormenting them, you engage with them or conceive of them, psychologically, as fellow-humans that it becomes really reprehensible (leaving aside the problem of psychopaths who don't really see their actual fellow-humans as fellow-humans).

    If your robot seems human enough, would it not damage your soul to mistreat it?

  • Generations after Dr Susan Calvin, when the world had turned against humaniform robots, a robot - was it R Daneel Olivaw?

    Archive 2004-09-01

  • The issue is complicated by the fact that so much of our knowledge of Cylon belief is mediated through Six, who may have peculiarities in religious belief which other models tolerate but disapprovingly as they seem to do with Six's libido -- one curious feature of the humaniform Cylons is that they don't seem to agree about much except their basic plan.

    Kibble and Bits


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