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  • n. A unit of weight in the U.S. Customary System equal to 100 pounds (45.36 kilograms). Also called cental, short hundredweight.
  • n. A unit of weight in the British Imperial System equal to 112 pounds (50.80 kilograms). Also called quintal.

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  • n. A measure of weight containing 100 pounds (45.5 kg) in the U.S. or 112 pounds (51 kg) in the United Kingdom.

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  • n. A denomination of weight, containing 100, 112, or 120 pounds avoirdupois, according to differing laws or customs. By the legal standard of England it is 112 pounds. In most of the United States, both in practice and by law, it is 100 pounds avoirdupois, the corresponding ton of 2,000 pounds, sometimes called the short ton, being the legal ton.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In avoirdupois weight, a denomination of weight, usually denoted by cwt., containing originally 112 pounds.

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  • n. a United States unit of weight equivalent to 100 pounds
  • n. a British unit of weight equivalent to 112 pounds
  • n. a unit of weight equal to 100 kilograms


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  • 'Your honour has a cart or beast of burden with you, doubtless?' said the chandler, 'for two hundredweight is a heavy load.'

    Tales of the Punjab

  • They don't know yet that it amounts to five or six hundredweight, which is coined into ready money underneath the ground.

    The Poor Plutocrats

  • The current price is $15 to $16 a hundredweight, which is 100 pounds of milk.

    The Shad Plank

  • And the department said potato production was forecast at 7.9 million hundredweight, which is 4 percent less than a year ago.

    High Plains Journal

  • There were also 8-inch guns of 55 and 63 "hundredweight" (the contemporary naval nomenclature), and four sizes of 32-pounders ranging from 27 to 57 hundredweight.

    Artillery Through the Ages A Short Illustrated History of Cannon, Emphasizing Types Used in America

  • They're all equal, and all based on the pound, with 14 pounds in a stone and 28 pounds in a quarter (it's a quarter of a "hundredweight" which is in turn 1/20 of an Imperial ton).

    BBC News - Home

  • Marx uses corn and iron as his examples, saying 1 quarter corn = x hundredweight iron.

    A Bland and Deadly Courtesy

  • Rice for March delivery sank 3.4% to a five-week low $14.25 per hundredweight at the Chicago Board of Trade.

    U.S. Grains, Soy Sink

  • Rice for May delivery recently was down 38 cents, or 2.8%, at $12.995 per hundredweight.

    U.S. Corn Futures Hit Limit on One-Day Decline on Japan

  • Margaret Henan would have been a striking figure under any circumstances, but never more so than when I first chanced upon her, a sack of grain of fully a hundredweight on her shoulder, as she walked with sure though tottering stride from the cart-tail to the stable, pausing for an instant to gather strength at the foot of the steep steps that led to the grain-bin.



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  • a unit of avoirdupois weight commonly equivalent to 100 pounds (45.359 kilograms) in the U.S.

    March 28, 2007