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  • n. A noisy and disorderly tumult and confusion, especially as of battle.


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A combination of hurling and burling.


  • When it was built on land that had belonged to Audubon the location -- what we now call Washington Heights -- was still bucolic, suggesting its apartness from the hurlyburly of the city.

    Howard Kissel: The American Academy

  • I hope amid the hurlyburly of postmodern life, you will find a few quiet moments to recall the joy of Our Lord's Resurrection.

    St. Monica's, Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

  • Even though it was only about 10 a.m., the hurlyburly of tourists and vendors was already under way.

    2009 October :

  • Your limited understanding of the situation in the ME coupled with your good intentioned but confused take on hamas/gaza can only be the product of the kind of naivete that exists in the rarefied atmosphere of campus life and or some other safe protected little enviroment, far away from the hurlyburly of reality as it exists in various parts of the world.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • It's his terse, machine gun readings of her automatic writing scribblings that really sell the scene for me because they ground the supernatural hurlyburly in a halo of realism that makes the scary stuff really stick out.

    "It doesn't want people"

  • The final frames of MIRACLE MILE reminded me of the last reel of Don Siegel's INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS 1956, as hero and heroine run hand and hand through the hurlyburly that is the end of days.

    A certain quality of failing light

  • His admission, and his extrapolation of it, is funny and amusing, but it leads to a serious confession: that he lives a life separate from "the center ring of adult life, the hurlyburly of business and domesticity, where the normal grownups live."

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • Given the zero chemistry between Perry and Paulson, it hardly signifies whether they get back together again amid the hurlyburly of putting on a weekly live show, and the slapstick bits intended to convey how Perry's whatshisname had lost control of his emotions and fallen prey to nervous energy were embarrassing -- that backing into the suit of armor especially (clang!).

    If Loving You is Wong, I Don't Want to Be Right: James Wolcott

  • Now it is clear there were three architects of the Iraq War's hurlyburly, and Cheney was the one farthest from the light of public scrutiny.

    Jamie Stiehm: The State of the Union: A Shakespearean Tragedy for our Times

  • While Tetsuo Nagata's camera makes some early jitter-cam condescensions to communicate the hurlyburly nature of Piaf's early life, it later settles down into some pleasantly extended takes, gliding around the actors as they actually get to perform.

    The life span of a frog


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  • First Witch:

    When shall we three meet again

    In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

    Second Witch:

    When the hurlyburly's done,

    When the battle's lost and won.

    Shakespeare, *Macbeth*, Act I sc. i.

    February 13, 2007