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  • n. A supposed form of hydrogen having a lower energy than that of the normal ground state; postulated to explain the outcome of early cold fusion experiments.


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  • This states that a hydrogen atom can collapse into a previously unknown form called a hydrino, producing energy.

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  • Haisch and Moddel rephrase the "hydrino" which violates the laws of physics to what they term a system for converting energy from electromagnetic quantum vacuum by suppressing appropriate frequencies by virtue of the Casimir effect which suppresses longer wavelength vacuum energy as the plates get closer.

    Will 2010 be the Year of Zero Point Energy?

  • I am proposing a composite of Naudts-Moddel - Haisch theory be adopted for investigating hydrino like constructs without the burden of sub zero state arguments or spectral line conflicts.

    Relativistic Hydrogen molecules extract energy

  • Relativistic hydrogen implies a temporal axis solution where the hydrino orbital remains stationary relative to a moving boundary as the atom rotates away from our plane reshaping the 4D boundary.

    Relativistic Hydrogen molecules extract energy

  • My suggestion that these “temporally Fat” atoms must form a covalent bond is not necessary to adopting Naudts much more important idea that the hydrino is due to relativistic effect not sub zero state.

    Relativistic Hydrogen molecules extract energy

  • I am in agreement that a sub zero state of the hydrogen atom can not exist however the hydrino is very real and needs to be redefined as a positive temporal axis excursion.

    Relativistic Hydrogen molecules extract energy

  • "On the hydrino state of the relativistic hydrogen atom" [5] contends that the sub zero state argument overlooks relativistic effect inside Casimir cavities.

    Relativistic Hydrogen molecules extract energy

  • I believe both sides are actually correct when they argue whether the hydrino is real or "unphysical".

    Hydrino validated by Rowan Univercity

  • I am convinced the hydrino IS unphysical but only in the same sense that the "Twin Paradox" from Physics 101 is unphysical.

    Hydrino validated by Rowan Univercity

  • “Vacuum energy” schemes are no more possible than “hydrino” power.

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  • "Blacklight Power, a company with $60 million in funding from respected funding sources, claims to have built a 50 kw prototype power generation device. They claim that the device will generate power at ten times less cost than the cheapest coal, wind and nuclear power now. They are expecting to have built a factory for mass producing power generation devices in 2009 and to scale the system up to 3MW or more and down to smaller power levels. However, even more important than solving all energy problems would be that Blacklight power could then be right about hydrinos and a fifth physical force and a possible grand theory including gravity."

    -, 18 June 2008.

    June 25, 2008