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  • n. a large group of marine animals, of the class Hydrozoa, whose life cycles contain a sexual and asexual stage


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Ultimately from Ancient Greek ὕδωρ ("water") + ζῷον ("animal"). This definition is lacking an etymology or has an incomplete etymology. You can help Wiktionary by giving it a proper etymology.


  • It seems there's a species of hydrozoa that can pretty much live forever.

    Immortal Hydrozoa

  • During this period he was gradually passing from his first anatomical love, the structure of the Invertebrates, to Vertebrate work, and although he continued to take a deep interest in the course of the progress of research in that group of animals, the publication of his great work on oceanic hydrozoa by the Ray Society was the last piece of important work he wrote upon any anatomical subject apart from vertebrates.

    Thomas Henry Huxley A Sketch Of His Life And Work

  • The Corviki resemble a marine animal in the class hydrozoa, sort of a large sac-like body with a complex collection of tendrils that may be nerve endings. "

    the ship who sang


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  • "'I have some delicate specimens of hydrozoa that must be protected—sometimes these seas are perfectly flat ... and sometimes, with no wind or very little, they ... they toss you about in the most extraordinary fashion.'"

    --Patrick O'Brian, Blue at the Mizzen, 144

    March 27, 2008