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  • Add to that the incredible Scandanavian design tradition, and the idea of hygge (coziness and tranquility), and there's certainly a lot to be inspired by in Denmark.

    Apartment Therapy Main

  • Thank them for the little piece of Danish 'hygge' that exists in Bangkok, far away from home.

    Scand News for S.E.A - Scandinavian News Portal for Southeast Asia

  • Both tourists and expats gather there when they are in need for some Danish 'hygge' and Scandinavian food.

    Scand News for S.E.A - Scandinavian News Portal for Southeast Asia

  • The idea of an interlanguage seems to adhere to the outdated objectivist doctrine that words are just labels which we put on an already existing world, that in my opionion is clearly not the case: an interlanguage will not make it easier for the native danish speaker to find out what word to use when communicating with a stranger who doesn't understand the danish concept of "hygge", or a nahuatl speaker to find out which esperanto word to use instead of "tzipitl". REPRESSIVE ESPERANTO.

  • "We are the best Scandinavian restaurant outside Denmark, both in terms of food, service and Danish 'hygge'.

    Scand News for S.E.A - Scandinavian News Portal for Southeast Asia

  • And when I heard about hygge , I decided it was plain genius.

    Where Cold Is Cool

  • Staffers had recommended butter sources and favorite coffee shops—places, they said, where we could find true hygge.

    Where Cold Is Cool

  • The Royal Cafe A smushi small Danish open-faced sandwich at the Royal Café But we felt a touch of hygge at Torvehallerne, a glass-enclosed food market bustling with butchers, florists, bakers and spicemongers.

    Where Cold Is Cool

  • Andrew Sanocki A stall at Torvehallerne's holiday market Pronounced HYOO-guh, hygge has no real equivalent in English; the closest we come is "coziness."

    Where Cold Is Cool

  • "Obviously, you couldn't have hygge in Disneyland," I asserted to a Danish friend.

    Where Cold Is Cool


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  • From the "Politikens Nudansk Ordbog" - Danish Dictionary

    1. a noun -n

    "A nice or pleasant atmosphere - opposite uhygge.

    - example: "Candlelight creates hygge"

    2. a verb -r, -de, -t

    "To create a nice or pleasant atmosphere.

    - example: Good music and candelight hygger"

    October 8, 2015

  • The feeling of good friends, cold beer, and a warm fire.

    December 30, 2010

  • From Wikipedia: One of the fundamental aspects of Danish culture is "hygge", which, although translated as "coziness" is more akin to "tranquility". Hygge is a complete absence of anything annoying, irritating, or emotionally overwhelming, and the presence of and pleasure from comforting, gentle, and soothing things. Hygge is often associated with family and close friends. Christmas time when loved ones sit close together with candles lit on a cold rainy night is "hygge", as is grilling a pølse (Danish sausage) on a long summer evening.

    December 30, 2010

  • Professor Judith Friedman Hansen, in The Proxemics of Danish Daily Life, tells us that "familiarity is the key element, a closed-in state of stable predictableness associated with small-scale gatherings of people". This means creating a hyggekrog - a protective space characterized by low tables under a subdued light, with candles, flowers, food, and drink.

    June 25, 2009

  • Hygge, pronounced "hue-gah", is Danish concept that does not translate well into English but is associated with coziness, well-being, comfort, and familiarity.

    December 6, 2006