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  • n. The precocious ability to read single words at a very early age.


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  • Some children find reading remarkably easy, and very quickly learn to read far beyond their ability to understand the words they are reading this is called hyperlexia, while others find it much more difficult to learn to read.

    Teaching Reading to Children with ASD. What’s The Best Way? « Articles « Literacy News

  • It's called hyperlexia, and it's common for people with autism.

    CNN Transcript Apr 21, 2007

  • The condition is called hyperlexia and involves an ability to read words far in advance of children of the same age, usually accompanied with problems with spoken language and social interaction.

    Mind Hacks: The neuroscience of hyper-reading

  • In hyperlexia, a child masters single – word reading.

    Barriers to Reading Comprehension « Literacy Articles « Articles « Literacy News

  • Imagery and Comprehending title The Role of Imagery and Verbal Processing in Reading Comprehension, Hyperlexia, and Autism description The role of mental imagery in language comprehension, underlying sensory processes, hyperlexia above-average reading skills with poor comprehension, clinical interventions.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • By studying those with hyperlexia, researchers are learning much about the brain in general and the reading brain in particular.

    Link Rodeo « So Many Books

  • A fascinating article about hyperlexia, a condition that “combines autismlike speech and social problems with a jump-start on reading.”

    Link Rodeo « So Many Books

  • Whether compulsive reading in normals is related to hyperlexia in autism is not clear.

    The limbic system stands up for its rights

  • The Research Digest is a particularly good one with a piece about hyperlexia early development of reading in a 4 year-old autistic boy, a post on how psychopaths understand the meaning of emotions, and a short piece on how sound can aid visual learning.

    Mind Hacks: August 2006 Archives

  • All of the qualities that Gilman had thought made her son special were in fact symptoms of hyperlexia, a disorder on the spectrum of autism and Asperger's syndrome.

    NPR Topics: News


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