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  • noun astronomy The gravitational collapse of a massive star to form a black hole


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  • Fraser: Okay, so a hypernova is a supernova that also has a gamma-ray burst.

    Astronomy Cast

  • Such "hypernova" by definition are one hundred times more luminous than ordinary supernova.

    Superbright Supernova First Observed of Antimatter Variety | Universe Today

  • My point is that the gamma ray observations would be conclusive proof of the hypernova scenario.

    Superbright Supernova First Observed of Antimatter Variety | Universe Today

  • "Gamma-ray bursts and hypernova-which have energies more than 10 times that of supernova-are known to be some of the most energetic and explosive events in the universe, but the detailed explosion mechanism and nature of their progenitors are still unknown," says Yamaguchi.


  • Certain rare stars, type 11 stars, are core-collapse hypernova that generate deadly gamma ray bursts (GRBs).


  • So, we're looking at a pretty "pure case" of massive star formation, fuel burning and some kind of hypernova.

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  • Eta Carina could potentially be a hypernova, but its poles aren't pointed toward us.

    Astronomy Cast

  • So even if Eta Carina turns out to be the right type of supernova to become a hypernova and a gamma-ray burst, we're okay because it's not pointed at us.

    Astronomy Cast

  • They are possibly generated the collapse of a massive star that does not present the characteristics of a supernova or hypernova, or by the merger of two white dwarfs

    Space News From SpaceDaily.Com

  • Pamela: A hypernova is one of the things that we call the sub-class of supernova that form gamma-ray bursts.

    Astronomy Cast


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  • nova, kilonova, supernova, and hypernova can all be used as verbs.

    April 18, 2018