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  • n. The presence of an abnormally low concentration of albumin in the blood


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hypo- +‎ albuminemia


  • This study was designed to investigate the clinical significance of hypoalbuminemia as a marker of severity and mortality in patients with Scrub typhus.

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  • This study showed hypoalbuminemia in scrub typhus was closely related to the frequency of various complication, longer hospital stay, consequently the higher medical cost, necessitating more efficient management of patients, including medical resources.

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  • See the of this hypoalbuminemia for a insufficient anchor of tacks in zyban.


  • In hypoalbuminemia, total body nutrition status deteriorates, which causes ascites and other symptoms.

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  • The cause of such symptoms includes malnutrition or metabolic disorder resulting from hypoalbuminemia that occurs as hepatic cirrhosis progresses.

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  • Inc. Kwashiorkor edema hypoalbuminemia retention of fluid and water increased capillary permeability free radical induced damage to cell membranes Mosby items and derived items ©

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  • Indeterminate QFT-IT results were associated with anaemia, lymphocytopenia, hypoproteinemia, and hypoalbuminemia.

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  • He is convinced that Yo is allergic to milk protein because his albumin (protein) levels were extremely low when he was tested in the hospital, and he says that 90\% of cases of hypoalbuminemia in infants are caused by milk protein allergy.

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  • · proteinuria (3 gram/24 hours), hypoalbuminemia (500 ml).

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  • "improvement of hypoalbuminemia (2) in patients with decompensated hepatic cirrhosis (3) that have hypoalbuminemia despite adequate dietary intake".

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