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  • adv. In a hypothetical way; as a hypothesis.
  • adv. Used to introduce a proposition to discussion without commitment to its truth

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  • In a hypothetical manner or relation; conjecturally.

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  • adv. by hypothesis


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From hypothetical +‎ -ly


  • Well, if I were to do this purely hypothetically, that is I would probably use pages from the inner depths of the paper...not front page news.

    Newspaper Sleeve Obscures Your Laptop | Lifehacker Australia

  • Right below the surface of George Bush, Dick Cheney, Tom DeLay, and many of the leading senators and congressmen there are ugly, repugnant demons from hell who just love to take the far, far, far right distorted path that lies behind the noble chimera they use to mask their putrescent actions and intentions ... hypothetically, that is.

    Printing: Noble Goals; How the Far Right Routinely Distorts and Corrupts them

  • "But what would happen," Moichi persisted, "if you did come up against one hypothetically, that is?"

    beneath an opal moon

  • [I thought the person whom I have called hypothetically the Man of Letters changed color a little and betrayed a certain awkward consciousness that some of us were looking at him or thinking of him; but I am a little suspicious about him and may do him wrong.]

    The Poet at the Breakfast-Table

  • I answer, that this precept commands some things absolutely, which oblige all; some things only hypothetically, that is, in case God shall discover it to be his will to be obeyed in such particular instances: and consequently oblige there only, where God shall make such discoveries.

    Sermons Preached Upon Several Occasions. Vol. V.

  • Still, there are limits, as when HarperCollins canceled the publication of If I Did It, O.J. Simpson's quasi-psychotic volume of filth about how he "hypothetically" could have murdered two people he probably did murder.

    Andrew Foster Altschul: A Challenge to Publishers: Say No to Gonzo

  • I write "hypothetically" because PMCs mentioned in the past (think CACI and Titan at Abu Ghraib) in this regard fiercely object to the idea that they did any such thing.

    David Isenberg: Speaking Hypothetically: What to Do When a PMC Tortures

  • Although Pfc. Manning didn't claim to have taken Afghan war logs, he said in the chats with Mr. Lamo that "hypothetically" he had access to a similar database, from a similar time period, from the Iraq war.

    Military Probe Again Targets Manning

  • I say "hypothetically" because I am at work, using Safari; therefore it looks fine to me.

    dammit, drat and all of that

  • You are asking us to "hypothetically" accept Genesis as factual and ignore the numerous physical facts suggesting otherwise.



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