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  • noun A name, in the Kongo region of West Afriea, of a shrub of the dogbane family, Tabernanthe Iboga.

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  • noun Tabernanthe iboga, a perennial rainforest shrub and hallucinogen.


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  • In my quest for illumination, I underwent a tribal initiation in Gabon, eating iboga, a bitter-tasting psychedelic root bark that induces a visionary state.

    Daniel Pinchbeck: Toward 2012

  • Ibogaine is derived from the tabernanthe iboga shrub, which is native to west central Africa, where it has been used for millennia as a treatment for physical, mental and spiritual ailments.

    Mary Clare Ditton: A Home for Ibogaine in Barcelona

  • The iboga plant bears yellow teardrop fruits sometimes eaten by elephants.

    The Fruit Hunters

  • In addition to being a profound hallucinatory experience, iboga eliminates withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate dependency.

    The Fruit Hunters

  • Leaving the iboga, we come to a shady corner of the garden where another outlawed plant languishes in obscurity.

    The Fruit Hunters

  • Ayahuasca and iboga, by their very nature, will never be drugs of abuse.

    Mary Clare Ditton: A Home for Ibogaine in Barcelona

  • The story comes from western Africa's Bwiti religion, whose adherents use the iboga plant to induce visions and aid in the hunt.

    A Psychedelic Trip To The End Of Addiction

  • Dr. Stanley Glick, the Director of the Center for Neuropharmacology and Neuroscience at Albany Medical College in New York, is developing 18-methoxycoronaridine (18-MC), another iboga alkaloid that has a better safety profile than ibogaine.

    Mary Clare Ditton: A Home for Ibogaine in Barcelona

  • Taub explains, "In the tribal use of ibogaine, the visionary aspect of iboga is revered as an integral part of the healing process -- this is especially ironic in light of the fact that Dr. Deborah Mash, a professor at the University of Miami and one of the top scientific experts on ibogaine, is working to develop noribogaine (12-Hydroxyibogamine), an ibogaine metabolite that does not induce visions."

    Mary Clare Ditton: A Home for Ibogaine in Barcelona

  • Ethnobotanists have proposed the iboga, a West African teardrop-shaped fruit that cures opiate addiction.

    The Fruit Hunters


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