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  • The hymn appears in the Roman Breviary under the title of Iam sol recedit igneus, where it is the Vespers hymn for the ferial office on Saturdays and Trinity Sunday.

    Archive 2007-11-01

  • Arguing that God is not only the divine fire of the Stoics but also the spiritus igneus (“fiery breath”), he quotes Posidonius and Hermes Trismegistus, with the aim of demonstrating that a similar view can be found in Christianity: no one sees God, and yet everyone sees God daily in all things

    Justus Lipsius

  • ‘Gradiuum, nostri comites, arcete parumper, 195 ut soli uacet aula mihi. procul igneus horror thoracum, gladiosque tegat uagina minacis. stent bellatrices aquilae saeuique dracones; fas sit castra meis hodie succumbere signis. tibia pro lituis et pro clangore tubarum200 molle lyrae festumque canant. epulentur ad ipsas excubias; mediis spirent crateres in armis. laxet terribilis maiestas regia fastus et sociam plebem non indignata potestas confundat turbae proceres. soluantur habenis205 gaudia nec leges pudeat ridere seueras.

    The Marriage of Honorius and Maria

  • Other phosphorescent species are, according to Tulasne, _A. igneus_ from Amboyna, _A. noctileucus_ in Manila, and

    Studies of American Fungi. Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc.

  • How the fecundation takes place I know not, but it must needs be the same as in other kinds of the related Bombinator; igneus throws out almost as many eggs hanging together in clusters as obstetricans; fuscus throws them out from itself in strings (see Roseld's illustration) ...

    Louis Agassiz His Life and Correspondence

  • Virgo ultra; Etatem prudens, et religiora, ultra lexum fortis et morbi patiens, ultra formam humanam Angelica, cui moribus igneus idem erat quod filia; curfus, eamque triumphantem in

    A description of that admirable structure, the cathedral church of Salisbury. : With the chapels, monuments, grave-stones, and their inscriptions. To which is prefixed an account of Old Sarum.

  • The wind was sometimes dead against us, and then the infelix Arabia with iron energy set to work, storming great Malakhofs of water, which rose above her like the side of some sward-coated hill crested with snow-drifts; and having gained the summit, and settled for an instant among the hissing sea-horses, ran plunging headlong down to the encounter of another wave, and thus went battling on with heart of fire and breath of flame — igneus est ollis vigor — hour after hour.

    My Diary North and South

  • 26 ErmoruS meus igneus proteget eos ab hoitibus: Se non prasvalebunt manui rote ni - jinnù \6 $ % • $y lae machinx adverfus eos excogiracx. xy Vos autem Duo diledi mibi/ed

    Lux in tenebris, hoc est prophetiæ donum quô Deus Ecclesiam Evangelicam, in regno Bohemiæ ...


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