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  • n. one who holds to ignosticism.
  • n. one who holds the theory that there is nothing that can be thought of that the word "God" (capitalized) or the words "Yahweh" and "Allah" could refer to. Also called "theological noncognitivist".
  • adj. of or relating to ignostics.
  • adj. of or relating to ignosticism.


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From English prefix ig-, as in ignorant, + gnostic, knowing.


  • In case anyone is wondering, I identify as ignostic, a type of non-theism which postulates that the whole question of "god" is pointless without an actual definition of "god" which isn't just pulled out of someones arse.

    Sadly, No!

  • Thanks, but I don't call myself an agnostic; I am a theological non-cognitivist (sometimes called an "ignostic").

    Aiguy's Computer

  • I don't call myself an "ignostic," although I am sometimes tempted to do so.

    Dangerous Intersection

  • I am “ignostic” — that is, if you ask me if I believe in God, I will respond with “it depends on how you define God”.

    Firedoglake » Moderation in the Face of Chaos

  • Ziztur. com, AKA "Atheism is Freedom", was started by Ziztur, who is a twenty-something iconoclastic skeptical liberal/libertarian ignostic strong atheist existentialist determinist naturalist ubuntu secular humanist, biomechanist scientist researcher occupational therapist urban explorer poet photographer.

    Deep Thoughts

  • Every physician I go to in Baton Rouge is either an atheist or ignostic (not a typo).

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • Of course, as a post-structuralist and ignostic this means I see language as imposing arbitrary, bizarre, and incoherent restrictions on reality.

    Debunking Christianity

  • I'm a post-structuralist and ignostic which explains my "arbitrary, bizarre, and incoherent restrictions on language."

    Debunking Christianity


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  • An ignostic is a pseudo-intellectual who fancies themselves an "agnostic," but knows not the reasons or boundaries of their beliefs or unbeliefs; rather, they just regurgitate whatever it is they overheard last. Faith by proxy is irresponsible, yes, but so too is uncertainty of faith.

    July 18, 2010