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  • n. the process of Muslim jurists making a legal decision by independent interpretation of the Qur'an and the Sunna; such a jurist is a mujtahid

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  • n. the endeavor of a Moslem scholar to derive a rule of divine law from the Koran and Hadith without relying on the views of other scholars; by the end of the 10th century theologians decided that debate on such matters would be closed and Muslim theology and law were frozen


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Arabic إجتهاد (ijtihad, "effort").


  • A self-identified lesbian and practitioner of the Islamic tradition of critical thinking known as ijtihad, she has served as a legislative aide in the Canadian parliament, editorialist at the Ottawa Citizen, and host of several Canadian television shows.

    Firedoglake » Moderation in the Face of Chaos

  • While it is true, however, that Sunnism, like Catholicism, is the largest branch of its respective faith, Jasser's analogy is off-base because it understates the true root of all Islamic extremism and violence: a literal interpretation of the Qur'an which stems from the renunciation by Sunni scholars, over a millennium ago, of the doctrine known as ijtihad, "independent reasoning" in Qur'anic exegesis.

    History News Network

  • Islam has a detailed legal process called ijtihad for deriving new Islamic rulings. - Building a global movement for Khilafah

  • Shi'ites have always been open to interpretting the sources of the faith (For better or worse, in my personal opinion) for the purpose of jurisprudence (A practice known as ijtihad).

    Cadillac Tight

  • Which country embraces an Islamic concept called "ijtihad," or religious reasoning, which allows for modern interpretations of Islamic law, even legislation?

    Nathan Gonzalez: Who's Our Enemy Again?

  • The definition provided in your story is for a concept known as "ijtihad," not "jihad."

    Reuters: Top News

  • Most versions of this story did use the proper term "ijtihad,"but in a sad spell-checker turn of events, one online version showed up as "jihad."

    Reuters: Top News

  • Ibrahim Ali closes the doors to 'ijtihad' | AB Sulaiman

    Malaysiakini :: News

  • The Mu'tazilites, influenced by Greek philosophy and thought, emphasized reason and rational thinking (ijtihad), whereas the Asharites were more traditional and asserted imitation (taqlid).

    Aparna Pande: Dictatorship vs. Democracy

  • Whether we call this a spiritual revolution or reformation, whether we call it a manifestation of tikkun olam, shalom, salaam, ijtihad, or the kingdom of God, this moment becomes a spiritual and moral summons that we must all consider and either join, oppose, or absent ourselves from.

    Brian D. McLaren: The Egyptian Revolution And Theological Reformation


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