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  • His vast collection of bespoke suits, ill-adapted to the Florida climate, had formerly sold on consignment, yet he recently cut a courageous figure in Brooks Brothers seconds from the outlet mall.

    Eddie's Story

  • Now, I imagine there was this very lazy, very fluffy, very ill-adapted feline species hanging out in the wild.

    Why Cats Love Writers

  • But when I read international humanitarian guidance on appropriate psychosocial support and juxtapose its theory to the reality of underused, ill-adapted shelters mushrooming in a variety of settings, I must pause to wonder why the gap between the two is so wide.

    Mark Canavera: Dusty Broom Closets in Congo: Rethinking Programming to Combat Sexual Violence

  • In fact they have strong claws with which they cling to the vertical rocky surfaces of their preferred nesting sites, but it is true that their legs are small and weak, ill-adapted for perching or walking.

    A Taster « Tales from the Reading Room

  • From an individual standpoint, it can be very difficult to live in a culture for which your genes are ill-adapted.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Adderall

  • Temperature fluctuations around 0 °C cause frost-heave phenomena that can uproot ill-adapted plants.

    General characteristics of arctic species and their adaptations in the context of changes in climate and ultraviolet-B radiation levels

  • The snow here was ill-adapted for building, but we put up quite a respectable monument all the same.

    The South Pole~ At the Pole

  • It is ill-adapted for the purposes of social intercourse, yet finely adapted to threats that have a quality at once intimate and public; threats, indeed, part of whose function is to abort diplomacy.

    David Bromwich: Georgia and the Push for Cold War

  • This and the high obesity/diabetes incidence suggests that Amerind genetics are ill-adapted to the high calorie, sedentary lifestyle that's the current American norm.


  • The soft breeze may wave the willow, but it requires the voice of the tempest to agitate the boughs of the oak; and, accordingly, to milder hearers, and in a less rude age, their manners would have been ill-adapted, but they were singularly successful in their mission to the rude people to whom it was addressed.

    The Monastery


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