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  • n. An illustration.


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Diminutive of illustration with -o.


  • Recently I was told of this Paul illo from the Oct. 1919 issue of Hugo Gernsback's magazine "Electrical Experimenter" (this was 7 years before the first ish of "Amazing Stories").

    Nikola Tesla, also inventor of the UFO?

  • Anno 1520 Ego Nicolaus Krasterus bauarus monacensis natus servus regys Henricy viij jussu illius per-legi Oxoniae Astronomiam suple spheram materialem Johannis de Sacro Bosco et compositionem astrolaby et geographiā Pthoƚ, in illo tempore erexi columnam seu cilindrum ante ecclesiam Diui Virginis cum lapicida Wilhelmo Aest servo regis.

    The Book of Sun-Dials

  • DarwinCatholic included the following graphic, which is as nice an illo of the fact/theory distinction as I've seen.

    October 21st, 2009

  • Here's an illo I did for Nemi Magazine in Norway - the text was about a missing Munch painting which was eventually discovered in the possession of a sleeping passenger on a train.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • The rule, for this ill-concealed meme, is to pick five other bloggers to receive the award, each of whom must display the illo and pick five more bloggers, and ....

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • The Lake title comes across as an old-time, two-color fanzine cover (a fanzine with pretentions) and strikes me as deriving from one of those circumstances where no one could figure out how to stretch the illo to the print dimensions (and still work the copy in).

    Book Cover Smackdown! Two Hawks From Earth vs. Death of a Starship

  • Yes, there's a castle in the illo, but the woman, her hairstyle and her dress are rather deceptive and led me to believe it was more modern.

    Weekend Update

  • Here's the illo for my story, the numbers on the chronometer — 351 days, 14 hours and 27 minutes — exactly like in the opening scene, so that's cool.

    Dreamwidth invite code

  • As for him not having a helmet as one poster above mentioned ... that is silly for all of them to have helmets and rob the illo of having a central focus.

    Book Cover Smackdown! 'Template' vs. 'Metatropolis' vs. 'The Skylark'

  • It's an illo for a story called "Hanuman's Bridge" by Euan Harvey, which is about, inter alia, the Indian monkey god Hanuman, who built a bridge from the mainland to Ceylon.

    Look, see, no nudity


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