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  • noun physics The luminous flux incident on unit area of a surface; measured in lux or lumens

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  • noun the luminous flux incident on a unit area


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  • Initially, the oil was used as a lubricant for the railroad industry and as an illuminance.

    The Reckless Decade: America in the 1890s

  • In average it will be 1 - 3% of the general lighting’s illuminance.

    6. Installation of emergency lighting systems

  • With the illuminance given the light source can be found.

    3. Calculation of Illuminance

  • Since the rated luminous flux is greater than the calculated one, it derives for the illuminance in point ‘P’: for high-pressure mercury vapour illumination 128 lx and for high-pressure sodium vapour illumination 139 lx

    3. Calculation of Illuminance

  • It is also possible to proceed this way: Calculation from a given arrangement of illuminators and the given luminous flux per illuminator taking into consideration the light distribution of the illuminators the illuminance, for instance at a certain point of the working area.

    3. Calculation of Illuminance

  • The illuminance of special lighting may be up to 100% of the general lighting’s illuminance.

    6. Installation of emergency lighting systems

  • A consequence of the putting into practice of so great an illuminance is that the luminance in the range of vision can no more be an optimal one, if no coloured surfaces are used in the working room.

    2. Elements

  • Its mean illuminance will be less than that of the general lighting.

    6. Installation of emergency lighting systems

  • Illumination or illuminance in various systems of units lx ph fc

    2. Elements

  • The illuminance required in a room or at a working place must be realized - according to the respective visual task - by a suitable number and type of lamps and lighting fittings and their arrangement.

    3. Calculation of Illuminance


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