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  • abbreviation video games, slang Short for imbalanced.


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  • I still hear -it's almost 3 years ago- the WoW-Players flaming that the warlocks are "imba". imba = imbalanced Blizz had to learn, how to balance the game properly, especially when adding content.

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  • When Blizzard completely removes the trash in TOC, people cry about there being no trash when they cried beforehand about trash being present and how "imba" and "uber" it would be if there was a raid with no trash.

  • I'm wearing my "-1 STR/+1 CHA" shirt which is not just funny for roleplay geeks, it's also made of very nice cottotn and fits very snugly (hence the +1 CHA, the -1 STR is just to make it less imba).

    a day at home

  • Gamertags the name posted with me comment: p anyhoo, keep it up guys, wow is imba

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - The Instance #32: Patchy Patch Patch

  • Finally, I've come to the conclusion that the guild chats were too silent or too gear/stats/imba/pwn-oriented.

  • Report Abuse imba ka martin! lol, if we're talking about the same FPJ

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  • Anime Characters in this game uses their own famous lines when casting their skills and occasionally you'll get annoyed because several characters have imba (imbalance) skills.

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  • It's unofficial work, but thanks to davex, CPS1PSP now has cheat support, and those who love slaughtering the opposition with their imba selves can now do so in the emulator.


  • Aegis is about as imba as Level 1 Tauren Chieftain!


  • RPG + Anime = RPG with no need to level up, just watching the process of fighting monsters and imba bosses.

    Anime Nano!


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  • imba is used by gamers mostly, and it was originated from imbalance. Now it is used for the same purpose and more.

    Example: Ferrari got imba power and handling. means extreme power & handling not imbalance.

    June 9, 2009