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  • transitive verb To commingle; blend.

from The Century Dictionary.

  • To mix; mingle.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • transitive verb rare To mix; to mingle.

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  • verb To mix or blend

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  • verb mix together different elements


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

[Back-formation from Middle English immixte, past participle of immixten, to intermingle with, from Latin immixtus, past participle of immiscēre, to blend : in-, in; see in– + miscēre, to mix; see meik- in Indo-European roots.]


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  • Spirit of God will immix his own holy inspirations with the wicked suggestions of the devil in a soothsayer? or shall we suppose that the devil was the author of those predictions, whereas God reproacheth false gods, and their prophets acted by them, that they could not declare the things that should happen, nor show the things that were to come afterward?

    Pneumatologia 1616-1683 1967

  • The ways and means whereby we may fail, and do so in this kind, when not under the actual conduct of the Spirit of God, -- that is, when our own natural and distempered affections do immix themselves in our supplications, -- are, innumerable.

    Pneumatologia 1616-1683 1967

  • Some dispute whether Christ in his human nature merited any thing for himself or no; but, not to immix ourselves in the niceties of that inquiry, it is unquestionable that the highest glory was due to him upon his accomplishment of the work committed unto him in this world, which he therefore lays claim to accordingly, John xvii.

    Pneumatologia 1616-1683 1967

  • And if the flesh in its lusting will immix itself with our good actions to their defilement and impairing, why may not the Spirit in the ill

    The Doctrine of the Saints��� Perseverance Explained and Confirmed 1616-1683 1966

  • It was therefore thought meet to insist only on things necessary, and such as their faith is immediately concerned in; and not to immix therewithal any such arguments or considerations as might not, by reason of the terms wherein they are expressed, be obvious to their capacity and understanding.

    A Brief Declaration and Vindication of The Doctrine of the Trinity 1616-1683 1965

  • And herein I shall not immix myself in the debate of the distinction between the active and passive obedience of Christ; for he exercised the highest active obedience in his suffering, when he offered himself to God through the eternal Spirit.

    The Doctrine of Justification by Faith 1616-1683 1965

  • And in the whole ensuing discourse I shall as little as is possible immix myself in any curious scholastical disputes.

    The Doctrine of Justification by Faith 1616-1683 1965

  • Neither shall I immix myself herein, in the way of controversy, or in opposition unto others, though I shall freely declare my own judgment in it, so far as the consideration of the righteousness of Christ, under this distinction, is inseparable from the substance of the truth itself which I plead for.

    The Doctrine of Justification by Faith 1616-1683 1965

  • I shall not, therefore, at present, immix myself in any needless disputations.

    Christologia 1616-1683 1965

  • In 2008 PC Management selected Interop to provide a hosted CSC Gateway for Immix Wireless (www., one of its operating companies.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper 2010


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