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  • n. A laboratory procedure, such as Western blot analysis, in which proteins that have been separated by electrophoresis are transferred onto nitrocellulose sheets and are identified by their reaction with labeled antibodies.

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  • n. A blot used in western blot analysis
  • v. To perform such an analysis


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immuno- +‎ blot


  • GM immunoblot showed an IgE-binding 14 kDa band that was totally inhibited after serum pre-incubation with GM.

    Goat's Milk Allergy

  • Screen with FAST-ELISA and confirm with immunoblot.


  • A recombinant immunoblot assay (RIBA) that identifies antibodies which react with individual HCV antigens is often used as a supplemental test for confirmation of a positive EIA result.

    Chapter 2

  • Figure 6: Magoh acts upstream of the microcephaly-associated protein Lis1 to regulate neurogenesis. gene expression measured by quantitative PCR (left) and Lis1 protein expression measured from immunoblot analyses (right).

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  • Substitutions affecting respiration are in bold. (a) Fluorescence immunoblot analysis with anti-MrpL32 shows that yeast MrpL32 precursor (p) accumulates in yta10Δyta12Δ m-AAA-deficient cells (lane 2). m, mature MrpL32.

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  • P > 0.05. (b) Fluorescence immunoblot analysis and protein quantitation of mitochondria-encoded COX subunits Cox1p, Cox2p and Cox3p, and nuclear-encoded subunit Cox4p, in mitochondrial extracts from cells expressing AFG3L2 alone, in the absence of paraplegin.

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  • Lanes 1-5, immunoblot analysis of cell extracts before immunoprecipitation (input).

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  • Huh7 cells were transfected with pCI-vTK and G418-resistant Huh cellular clones (cl) (1-6) were evaluated for vTK expression (~43 KDa, arrowheads) by immunoblot analysis.

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  • Cellular expression of vTK protein was detected by immunoblot analysis essentially as described

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  • Different band intensities corresponding to immunoblot detection of protein samples were quantified using the MCID software (MCID, Cambridge, UK).

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