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  • n. The analytical process of finding proteins in cells of a tissue microtome section exploiting the principle of antibodies binding specifically to antigens in biological tissues.

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  • n. an assay that shows specific antigens in tissues by the use of markers that are either fluorescent dyes or enzymes (such as horseradish peroxidase)


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From immuno- +‎ histochemistry.


  • The position requires thorough understanding and proficient use of current IHC methodology including antigen retrieval techniques, invivo technologies, amplification systems, IHC automation, dual and triple label immunohistochemistry and immunoflourescence.

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  • It was tested and retested at our Ames facility using two tests, including immunohistochemistry, which is recognized as the, quote, "gold standard for the detection of BSE," by the World Health Organization and OIE, the Organization of International Epizootics.

    CNN Transcript Dec 23, 2003

  • The candidate will also be partly responsible for some in vitro experiments such as immunohistochemistry and microarray analysis.

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  • Finally got into the lab earlier this week to prepare my first batch of immunohistochemistry since arriving in the frozen tundra of New City and waited with baited breath until I got onto the microscope this morning to find out if it worked.

    Software frustration

  • Comparative study of fluoxetine, sibutramine, sertraline and dexfenfluramine on the morphology of serotonergic nerve terminals using serotonin immunohistochemistry.

    Dr. Peter Breggin: Pregnant Mothers Should Not Take SSRI Antidepressants

  • I thought my initial requirements would be relatively simple as the lab work I need to crank out asap is some immunohistochemistry to finish a manuscript, but when I actually started to compile the list, I realized that I need to buy even the simplest little things like weigh boats, magnetic stir bars and parafilm because the previous occupant of the lab had totally cleaned the place out when she left.

    Never ending lists of lab supplies

  • I'm supposed to be collaborating with the D.F.F. on this study and, once again, she was given a bunch of samples several months ago and asked to run western blots on the antibodies of interest ... these data are crucial to the study as they provide a mechanism to explain the in vivo and immunohistochemistry data I had already collected.

    Yet another D.F.F. encounter

  • A couple of weeks ago, our D.F.F. research assistant ordered an antibody that we both needed and I had asked her to let me know when it came in as I was running out of time to process a bunch of slides for immunohistochemistry and that I needed to get cracking on them asap.

    The D.F.F. strikes again

  • One was the fact that its round-eared inhabitants appeared human, but the configuration of their internal organs, their heart rates, blood types, immunohistochemistry, were similar to those of Vulcans.


  • The company's testing services include cytogenetics, fluorescence in-situ hybridization FISH, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, anatomic pathology and molecular genetic testing.


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