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  • See Antarctic Peninsula.


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  • Each slide showed a photo of Dave using Cisco products at different stages of his work: identifying an alternate supplier, communicating the variety and quantity needed, arranging in-time shipping and ultimately winning the beer competition.

    Avoiding the Road to PowerPoint Hell

  • I just hope they make the proper decisions in-time and in conjunction with competent medical care. —

    WebMD Meets Facebook (and Wikipedia): A Medical Revolution or a Nightmare? - Freakonomics Blog -

  • Now I just check the traffic on my phone and then listen to podcasts during my drive instead of the 70/30 blend of commercials to content on morning radio while I wait for a traffic report that may or may not be right or be in-time for me to change my route.

    No cigar « BuzzMachine

  • These sites appear to offer in-time returns -- here, here h/t Echidne and here. posted by Glenn Greenwald | 8:33 PM

    Various matters

  • These sites appear to offer in-time returns -- here, here h/t Echidne and here. posted by Glenn Greenwald | 8:33 PM links to this post

    Archive 2006-08-01

  • Alan's suggestion rested on the belief that in-world arbitration may lead to a more nimble and in-time justice system than would waiting for the body of RL law to mature.

    October 2004

  • They are not exactly a _journal in-time_; nor are they records of thought, like Emerson's ten volumes of journals.

    Four Americans Roosevelt, Hawthorne, Emerson, Whitman

  • Our question becomes whether we can get all the material in in-time, we were not prepared to buy the material in advance that was just sitting out a lot of asset and until our major customer which is one of the top two or three in the mil aerospace was prepared to release the program, we weren't prepared to go ahead and bring in the asset.

  • How close we don't know yet … While officials are talking about "in-time for the Holidays" and everybody generally refers to the "Q4 launch", we might be closer than we think with LG's statement of launching a Windows Phone 7 device as early as September.

  • Frame is slightly tricky to grok, more tricky to explain, and even more tricky to remember and maintain while you're also trying to keep your footwork going and possibly stay in-time

    LinuxChix aggregator


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