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individuum vagum


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  • From the Century Dictionary definition for vague:

    "Uncertain as to characters and specific designation, yet limited in scope and application; restricted in logical breadth, without any corresponding fullness of logical depth; said to be determinate, but without precise expression of the determination. Thus, if anything is described as most extraordinary without saying in what respect, the description is vague; if a word is understood to have a full import but what that is is doubtful, it is vague; if an emotion is strong but unaccompanied by a definite imagination of its object, it is vague; if a pictorial figure represents that something exists but fails to show its shape, situation, etc., it is vague. This meaning of the word (which occurs seldom before the eighteenth century without an explanatory accompaniment) seems to be derived from the logical phrase individuum vagum, meaning a single person or thing, designated as one in number, but without its proper name or any adequate description: as, “a certain man.”

    September 14, 2012