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  • n. an inhale of breath


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  • The latter he dwelt upon for a moment, with an irritated indrawing of brows, then swung out the phonograph from the wall, pressed the button that made the cylinder revolve, and swiftly dictated, without ever a pause for word or idea:


  • The moment you turn out of Pembridge Road or Westbourne Grove or Chepstow Villas and set foot in the market, you feel a touch of excitement, an indrawing of breath, a pinch in the heart.


  • She heard the reaction of the crowd, a sudden indrawing of breath.


  • Islands of the world, and there leauing his company together, hee transited alone, and purposely described all the Northerne Islands, with the indrawing seas: and the record thereof at his returne he deliuered to the king of England.

    The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation

  • · Alar flare (dilatation of the nostrils with each inspiration) · Chest indrawing (sternal or intercostal recession) · Cyanosis

    Chapter 7

  • Ayla looked around, wondering where the indrawing air vent was.

    The Plains of Passage

  • The indrawing of the mist was almost complete and so slowed even more our going.

    Dread Companion

  • The house was giving strained attention, watching dim-eyed the piteous, weak movements of the dying woman; and right there I heard that (---- h!) quick indrawing of the breath startled womanhood always indulges in before either a scream or a laugh.

    Stage Confidences

  • It was gratifying, and yet it enhanced in Stephen this evening the indrawing of his under-lip, a plaintive twist of expression which spoke upon the faces of quite half the Order of patience under privation.

    Hilda A Story of Calcutta

  • She turned slowly, with grave wide eyes and a plaintive indrawing of her pretty underlip, and held out three full-blown gracious Marechal Neil roses on long slender stems.

    A Daughter of To-Day


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