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  • For synesthesia is, at heart, that most ineffible of things: a creative experience of the world, immediate and unquantifiable, having an everlasting impact on our culture through its artists.

    Synesthesia: the Flavor of Music, the Color of Touch

  • Once you've peered into the ineffible--or into the grizzled and unkempt visage of RTMS, for that matter--as I have, you will appreciate the evolving nature of language and the poetic possibilities of expressing two opposite reactions with one deep facial expression.

    BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!

  • So, the other day I found an odd link in my referer log and followed it to a Christian hate site, based in Alabama, which uses ineffible “logic” to prove the existence of an international Jewish conspiracy.

    News Flash: The Lubavitcher Rebbe Controls The World! | Jewschool

  • It rests on their mild forwards in a sort of a halo that shines off on the hard things of this life and makes 'em endurable, takes the edge kinder off of the hardest, keenest sufferin's, and goes before 'em throwin 'a light over the deep waters that must be passed, and sort o' melts in and loses itself in the ineffible radiance that streams out from acrost the other side.

    Samantha at the World's Fair

  • The ever so faint ineffible tensions due to race seemed palpably eased.


  • But how you know when you’ve hit that ineffible mark of quality?

    I’ve killed before; I will kill again.


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  • aka ineffable. It simply cannot be eff'ed. F'ed up, maybe, but not eff'ed.

    June 27, 2008